What legal procedures must the IRS take before arriving at a levy?

Answer The IRS describes a levy as the legal apprehension of assets to fulfill a tax debt. Unlike a lien, which uses the property as collateral, a levy actually seizes the property. Before arriving at a l... Read More »

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Course Procedures for Legal Transcription?

A legal transcriptionist is responsible for taking verbal or recorded transcriptions and formatting them into legal documents. There is no formal course procedure for legal transcription. However, ... Read More »

What Are the Legal Procedures to Start a Wedding & Reception Business?

Helping couples plan and execute their big day can be rewarding emotionally as well as financially. According to, more than 2 million couples marry each year, so starting a wed... Read More »

What is the legal procedures for a single mother to sign over her parental rights to a friend?

Answer The biological mother and father have to voluntarily relinquish their parental rights through the procedure that is required in the state in which the custodial parent and child reside. The... Read More »

Why cant workmen let you know what time they are arriving?

I so know what you mean! they give you a day but not a time and you wait in all day and they don't show up and then ask you to wait in all of tommorow which is just beyond a joke.