What leg does the bridal garter go on?

Answer The bridal garter can go on either leg. If one leg has a marking or tattoo that makes you feel uncomfortable and don't want seen in pictures, it is probably best to wear the garter on the other leg... Read More »

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What leg does the wedding garter go on?

It is a wedding tradition for the bride to wear a keepsake garter and a throwaway garter on her right thigh, just above the knee. During the wedding reception, the groom removes the throwaway garte... Read More »

What does the wedding garter symbolize?

In the United States, a traditional bride wears two garters. The top garter should be blue to represent purity and faithfulness. The second garter is white or ivory, which represents virginity.Sour... Read More »

On which leg does a bride wear a garter?

A bride traditionally wears a garter on her left leg. At the wedding reception, the groom kneels in front of the sitting bride, removes the garter and tosses it to the assembled male guests. The ma... Read More »

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