What layer of the Earth do we live in?

Answer We live on the crust of the Earth, which is the outermost layer. On land, the crust of the Earth is known as the "continental crust," while the crust beneath the oceans is called the "oceanic crust... Read More »

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Which layer of the earth do we live on?

Humans live on the layer of the Earth called the continental crust. It's the second smallest area of the Earth, as it makes up a mere .374 percent of the Earth's mass. The other part of the Earth's... Read More »

What is the layer of the atmosphere that is closest to the Earth?

The troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth. Technically, it starts at the Earth's surface and extends to a height of 4 to 12 miles above sea level. It holds most of the mas... Read More »

Earth Layer Games for Third Grade?

Earth layer games and activities help third-graders to remember facts about the earth. Kids find the Earth layers, minerals, rock and soil fascinating. Choose games that allow kids to not only read... Read More »

Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to the surface of the Earth where weather occurs?

Almost all weather happens within the troposphere. Located nearest the Earth's surface, the troposphere reaches four to 12 miles above sea level. The ground and ocean provide heat for this layer of... Read More »