What laptops have hdmi inputs?

Answer No laptops have built-in HDMI inputs. The HDMI connector on most good laptops is an output, to allow you to connect to a external monitor, projector or TV screen.

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Do Mac laptops have HDMI connectors?

As of 2010, there is not a Mac laptop with an HDMI port. Mac laptops use a different type of video connector called a Mini DisplayPort, which has many of the same features as HDMI. Apple sells an ... Read More »

Do Apple laptops have HDMI connectors?

Apple laptops do not have HDMI ports built-in to the body of the computers. However the laptops do come with a DVI port that is capable of connecting to an HDMI port on a TV or other monitor with a... Read More »

Question about HDMI inputs?

You don't need a receiver with an HDMI connectivity, but it'll be convenient if you ever do get an HD video player. I don't know what brand of receiver you're considering, but there are some good ... Read More »

How do you connect an hdmi outlet to rca inputs?

You can't. HDMI is digital. RCA is analog (component or composite).