What laptops are best for an IT consultant?

Answer There are only a few manufacturers of laptop computers in the world. However, these few make thousands of different models a year. It can be challenging for even the most dedicated IT consultant to... Read More »

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What is the best brand for laptops and why?

Hmm...I don't think you can get laptops with floppy drives anymore. You have to buy that seperate from the laptop. But if its gonna be for school then let me suggest a Flash Drive instead. That's w... Read More »

What is the Best Brand for Laptops?

The best PC laptop brands on the last 7 years of my experience!1. Toshiba2. Sony3. Acer4. Asus5. levono6. HPI don't consider Dell as a good laptop brand. They had a good reputation the market 10 ye... Read More »

What is the best wireless mouse for laptops?

On One Hand: Logitech Performance Mouse MX is highly advanced.With an "outstanding" rating on CNET's hardware review site, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX is probably the best mouse on the market... Read More »

What are the Best gaming computers/Laptops?

A self-built gaming computer is the best. Because 1) You can customize it to your specific needs, and 2) It's cheaper.And 3) It's more reliable knowing you built it yourself.