What language was the original Bible written in?

Answer Most of the Old Testament was written in Biblical Hebrew, over four linguistic periods: Early, Classical, Transitional, and Late. Some passages were written in Aramaic.The New Testament was written... Read More »

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What was the original sin in the Bible?

Although the term "original sin" does not appear in the Bible, according to Christian theology, the concept is the loss of innocence in man caused by disobedience to God. The doctrine appears in va... Read More »

What language is Skype written in?

Skype is computer software that allows users to conduct voice calls through the Internet. Its code written in different languages, depending on the operating system. Skype is written in CodeGear De... Read More »

In what language was the new testament originally written?

The original language of the New Testament is uncertain and many people have debated whether it was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. However, Greek is the language most commonly acce... Read More »

What language was les miserable originally written in?