what are the sites i can go on that translate language?

Answer this one is not too bad. But remember that any computer translation may not be able to provide the exact context of your entry, and if it has a problem it may simply translate some of the words. Ti... Read More »

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What are the factors that influence language development?

Hazardous Wastes - term for chemicals that are regulated under the Resource conservation and recover actHazardous Chemicals - OSHA term used to denote any chemical tha... Read More »

In All That what language did Kennan speak when his was in the tub?

What was the first programming language that you learnt?

If you consider HTML a programming language, then its it. Others consider it scripting though. Here's the order that I learned them though:HTML (if to be considered)PASCAL (turbo pascal)C/C++PHP & ... Read More »

What is a good programming language that I should start with?

It depends on what you want to be able to do and how much effort you are prepared to put in before you can do it.If you want to write games, full blown software applications, device drivers, etc. a... Read More »