What does agape mean in Greek?

Answer Agape is the Greek word for love. Most scholars agree this specifically references a selfless, spiritual love.The Greeks have at least two other words for love: philia, friendship; and eros, altrui... Read More »

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What language did the word cummerbund come from?

The word "cummerbund," also called a cumberbund, comes from the Hindi word "kamarband," which means loin band. Today, a cummerbund is a broad sash that fits around the waist under a formal dinner j... Read More »

In what language is the word"Serengeti"?

The word "serengeti" comes from the Masai, or Maasai, language -- a native African language. In Masai, "serengeti" means "wide plains" or "endless plains." It can also translate as "never-ending p... Read More »

What language does the word"visa"come from?

The word "visa" is derived from "charta visa," a phrase in New Latin that meant "paper that has been verified." The original Latin word is "videre," meaning "to see." The French adopted the word "v... Read More »

What language does the word"caucus"come from?

Although "caucus" was coined in 18th-century America, no one is sure of its exact origin. The Online Etymological Dictionary suggests it came from the Algonquin word for adviser, "caucauasu." Anoth... Read More »