How difficult is it to learn Portuguese?

Answer On One Hand: Portuguese Grammar is Not DifficultThe Portuguese language is not difficult to learn, according to Transparent Language Learning. It is similar to many other South American and Europea... Read More »

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Is it difficult to learn to sing well?

Define "sing well". It's difficult to do anything really well, but it depends on what level you want to aim for, and what level you're starting out with in the first place. Obviously if you can't ... Read More »

How to Learn More Difficult Dutch Sentences?

Probably you've already found a few pages in this WikiHow teaching you the basics of the Dutch language. Here You'll teach you some more things.

How to Learn Difficult Piano Pieces?

Even the most experienced pianists can be intimidated by difficult music. Anything that is written above the level you are accustomed to playing can be daunting. Learning how to play a new piece of... Read More »

How to Help Yourself to Learn a Language?

If you are learning a language at school, for work or just for fun, it can be difficult and sometimes certain words just don't want to stick in your head. Here is how to help yourself to learn a la... Read More »