What language is spoken in rome, italy?

Answer Italian is the official language of Italy, and most of Italy's citizens speak it, including in Rome. Rome does have its own dialect, which those who are fluent in Italian may notice.Source:Kid's Eu... Read More »

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What language is spoken in Venice, Italy?

There are two main languages spoken in Venice, Venetian and Italian. Italian is the national language, while Venetian is spoken throughout Venice. Both languages are Romance languages, which have t... Read More »

What is the official language of Rome, Italy?

Rome is the capital city of Italy. Italian is the official language of the entire country of Italy, and therefore also of its capital city. Despite Italian being widely spoken around the country fo... Read More »

How big is Rome, Italy?

Rome, Italy, covers an area of 580 square miles, or 1,502 square km, and has a population of around 2.7 million people. The city is home to almost five percent of Italy's population.References:City... Read More »

The Differences in Learning Sign Language and Spoken Language?

In some ways, learning a sign language is very similar to learning a spoken language. The concepts of vocabulary and grammar still hold true in sign language. However, there are key differences bet... Read More »