What language does Spain speak?

Answer The official language spoken in Spain is called Spanish or Castillian. Of all the Romance languages, it is the most widely spoken, not only in Spain, but in its former colonies in Central and South... Read More »

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What language do they speak in Madrid, Spain?

The main language spoken in Madrid, Spain is Spanish, which is actually the local dialect that became the national language. Still, there are variations throughout Spain, as well as South America. ... Read More »

What language do they speak in Italica, Spain?

The national language of all of Spain, including Italica, is Castilian, a form of Spanish. Several local dialects are spoke all through the country. Practical Spain's website states that 75 percent... Read More »

How many people speak Spanish in Spain?

The languages spoken in Spain include Spanish, Catalan (in the north and east), Basque (in the northeast), and Galician (in the northwest). Approximately 35 million, or 82 percent, of the 42.7 mill... Read More »

Do people in Spain speak French?

The national language of Spain is Castellano (Castilian Spanish), with Basque, Gallego and Catalan as official language sub groups. French is not a recognized national language, though it may be ta... Read More »