Do people speak Spanish in Brazil?

Answer According to the "CIA World Factbook," Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Spanish is common in border areas of Brazil and in schools. German, Italian, Japanese, and English are also spo... Read More »

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How many people speak English in Brazil?

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are approximately 9 million English speakers living in Brazil. Brazil has the most English speakers of any country in South America, while Col... Read More »

Why Portuguese is the Official Language of Brazil?

Brazil sets itself apart from the rest of South America because the vast majority of its 200 million people speak Portuguese instead of Spanish. There are three major reasons for this.

Why is Portuguese the major official language of Brazil?

Brazilians speak Portuguese because Portugal conquered the area that is today known as Brazil in the 16th century. Though Portuguese settlers and the indigenous population intermarried, Portuguese ... Read More »

How to Speak in a Different Language?

We've all wanted to speak a different language.  Or we just want to confuse people by a language they don't know.  So, what are you waiting for, learn how to speak a different language.