What language does pingu speak?

Answer pingu speaks gobble De Gook:)

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What language does Spain speak?

The official language spoken in Spain is called Spanish or Castillian. Of all the Romance languages, it is the most widely spoken, not only in Spain, but in its former colonies in Central and South... Read More »

What language does handy manny speak?

In what language does the chief justice of the Supreme Court speak?

The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court speaks English. John Roberts is currently (as of 2010) the chief justice of the Supreme Court. He was sworn into office on September 29, 2005, a... Read More »

Do people speak Spanish in Brazil?

According to the "CIA World Factbook," Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Spanish is common in border areas of Brazil and in schools. German, Italian, Japanese, and English are also spo... Read More »