Can I travel in Ireland if I only speak English?

Answer English speakers travel with ease in Ireland because the Irish people themselves speak a version of English. The Irish speak quickly, so listen carefully to pick out familiar words. You also should... Read More »

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Did the people of Ireland & Scotland barely speak English before the Industrial Revolution?

Scots and Old English were dialects of the same language. Scots has been spoken throughout the lowlands and east coast - most of the population - for several hundred years. Many parts of Scotland... Read More »

How to Speak in a Different Language?

We've all wanted to speak a different language.  Or we just want to confuse people by a language they don't know.  So, what are you waiting for, learn how to speak a different language.

How to Say "I Don't Speak This Language"?

While traveling, we often encounter language barriers. Usually, the need to explain that we do not understand or speak the local language to a non-English speaker can be messy. Keeping in mind that... Read More »

Was Gaelic or English the official language in Ireland in the 19th century?

English was the only officially sanctioned language in Ireland in the 19th century. Schools were only allowed to teach English, and Irish was banned from courts—a ban which, as of 2010, still hol... Read More »