How to Say "I Don't Speak This Language"?

Answer While traveling, we often encounter language barriers. Usually, the need to explain that we do not understand or speak the local language to a non-English speaker can be messy. Keeping in mind that... Read More »

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How to Speak in a Different Language?

We've all wanted to speak a different language.  Or we just want to confuse people by a language they don't know.  So, what are you waiting for, learn how to speak a different language.

What language do they speak in seychelles?

Creole (native language) English, and French

What language does Spain speak?

The official language spoken in Spain is called Spanish or Castillian. Of all the Romance languages, it is the most widely spoken, not only in Spain, but in its former colonies in Central and South... Read More »

How to Speak the Language of Spore?

Ever wanted to speak the language of Spore?