What language do the people in Italy speak?

Answer The official language of Italy, a southern European country shaped like a boot, is Italian. In a few northern parts of Italy, small minority groups speak German, French or Slovene.Source:CIA World ... Read More »

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What language do they speak in Italy?

The official language of Italy is Italian, which is spoken by 93 percent of the population, according to Kwintessential, a company that specializes in intercultural communication. Approximately hal... Read More »

Does Italy speak a language other than Italian?

Although Italian is the official language of Italy, other languages are spoken in the country. These languages include Corsican, Sicilian, Greek and more than a dozen others. Most of the languages ... Read More »

How many people speak English in Italy?

English is the most popular second language in Italy, and the European Commission states that 29 percent of Italians speak it. Considering Italy's population exceeds 60 million, over 17,400,000 Ita... Read More »

What language do Swedish people speak?

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. However, Saami, a Fino-Ugric language, is spoken by a minority in the north. Romani is spoken by the Romani (or Gypsy) population of the country. Many Sw... Read More »