What language do Swedish people speak?

Answer Swedish is the official language of Sweden. However, Saami, a Fino-Ugric language, is spoken by a minority in the north. Romani is spoken by the Romani (or Gypsy) population of the country. Many Sw... Read More »

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What language do Egyptian people speak?

Arabic is the official and most widely used language of the Egyptian people. However, among the more educated and well-established classes in Egypt, English and French are also common spoken langua... Read More »

What language do Indonesian people speak?

Native people of Indonesia mainly speak Indonesian, which is a variation of the Malay language. However, several other languages also are spoken in the country, such as Sudanese, Javanese and Acehn... Read More »

How many people speak English as a first language?

English is an international language, with more than 350 million people speaking it as their native tongue. More than 50 countries worldwide count English as one of their official languages. When y... Read More »

What language do Korean people speak?

The Korean people speak "Hankuko," known in English as the Korean language. "Hankuko" uses its own alphabet called "Hangul" which was promulgated by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty. His portrait ... Read More »