Why do people speak French in Switzerland?

Answer According to "All About Switzerland," the country does not have a single dominant language, with four languages adopted as official languages of the country. Switzerland's official languages are F... Read More »

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Do people from the German part of Switzerland speak French, generally?

It might be difficult to find French-speaking people in the streets in the German-speaking part. Its easier in places close to the language-border (like Berne). In most other towns, people will onl... Read More »

In percentage, how many people in Switzerland are able to speak the 3 languages: French, German and Italian?

I lived in Switzerland for approximately 2 years and if someone said 'pack your bags, you're leaving on the next'll live there indefinitely'..I'd go.I speak English, and (barely) enough... Read More »

What language do Korean people speak?

The Korean people speak "Hankuko," known in English as the Korean language. "Hankuko" uses its own alphabet called "Hangul" which was promulgated by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty. His portrait ... Read More »

What language do German people speak?

The official language of Germany is German. German is spoken in the neighboring countries of Austria and Lichtenstein and is among the official languages of Switzerland and Luxembourg as well.Refer... Read More »