Do Brazilians speak Spanish?

Answer While many Brazilians may be able to speak Spanish due to their proximity to South America's many Spanish-speaking countries, which surround them on all sides, the official language of Brazil is Po... Read More »

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What language do the Dutch speak?

The Dutch people live in the Netherlands, and they speak Dutch. The language is a descendant of the German language. There are approximately 20 million Dutch speakers around the world, most of whom... Read More »

What language do the Danish speak?

The Danes speak the Danish language. Danish is an Indo-European, Germanic language that derives from the East Norse dialect group, together with Swedish. It is spoken by more than 5 million people ... Read More »

What language did Adam and Eve speak?

According to Ohr Somayach, Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew, which was in use from their generation to the Tower of Babel's. Others call the language they spoke Adamic, which God was thought to have taugh... Read More »

What language do the Polish speak?

The official language of Poland is Polish. The Polish language emerged around the 10th century AD, and it existed only as a spoken language until the advent of Christianity, during which time the L... Read More »