What metal did the ancient Romans use to make water pipes?

Answer The most common metal the ancient Romans used to make pipe was lead. Lead pipes brought water into homes, public buildings, fountains and public baths. Extra water from these pipes ran into the sew... Read More »

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What river did the ancient Romans sail to reach their capital city?

Ancient Romans used the River Tiber, which flows through Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire, to the sea. It was a principal route for bringing goods from the coast and for navigating smaller boa... Read More »

What is the ancient Phoenician word for language?

The word for "language" in Phoenician is "lasoun," which also means "tongue." Phoenician was spoken along the Eastern Mediterranean and northern African coast in what is now Lebanon, Syria and Isra... Read More »

Did Ancient Egyptians speak Arabic?

The Arabic language was introduced to Egypt centuries after the ancient Egyptians lived. Ancient Egyptians spoke Egyptian. Their civilization lasted from approximately 3100 B.C. to 30 B.C., until t... Read More »

What language do the Irish speak?

Most people in Ireland speak English, although Irish, or Gaeilge is the official state language. English was recognized in the 1937 constitution as the country's second language. However, less than... Read More »