What land did captain christopher newport discover?

Answer Capt. Christopher Newport was an English explorer who led the expedition that founded the first American settlement at Jamestown. Although he did not technically discover any new lands, Newport was... Read More »

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When did Christopher Newport die?

Christopher Newport died in 1617. Newport was an English explorer and ship captain who helped bring the first settlers from England to what eventually became the Jamestown, Virginia settlement in t... Read More »

What is Christopher Newport University?

Christopher Newport University is a four-year post-secondary institution supported by the state of Virginia and referred to as a public college. The university was founded in 1960.SizeAs of March 2... Read More »

How did Christopher Newport get his hand cut off?

Christopher Newport (1561-1618) was a British sailor. He is best known for being the captain of one of the ships that brought settlers to Jamestown. He is also famous for losing one of his hands at... Read More »

Why was Christopher Newport famous?

Christopher Newport (1561--1618) is known as one of the founders of Jamestown, the first permanent settlement for the British in the New World. Today, Newport has a university named for him in Virg... Read More »