What kingdom phylum class order family genus species does the cactus belong to?

Answer A cactus belongs to the plant kingdom, Plantae. It belongs to the flowering plant division, Magnoliophyta. It has two embryonic leaves. So it's a dicotyledonous member of the Magnoliopsida class an... Read More »

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What phylum does euglena belong to?

Euglena belong in the Euglenophyta Phylum. Euglena are one-celled organisms commonly found in ponds or puddles. Euglena are both autotrophic and heterotrophic, meaning the organisms must consume fo... Read More »

What phylum does the brown tree snake belong to?

The brown tree snake, like all other reptiles, belongs to the phylum Chordata. Mammals, fish, birds and amphibians also belong to this phylum. All snakes and lizards belong to the order Squamata. T... Read More »

What kingdom does a tapeworm belong to?

Tapeworms belong to the kingdom animalia, or the animal kingdom, according to Stanford University. Members of the animal kingdom display characteristics such as sexual reproduction, the ability to ... Read More »

What kingdom does the sea urchin belong to?

There are about 700 species of sea urchins. All species are classified in the kingdom Anamalia (animals), although sea urchins appear to look like spiny plants or colorful rocks. Sea urchins can mo... Read More »