What kingdom phylum class order family genus species does the cactus belong to?

Answer A cactus belongs to the plant kingdom, Plantae. It belongs to the flowering plant division, Magnoliophyta. It has two embryonic leaves. So it's a dicotyledonous member of the Magnoliopsida class an... Read More »

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What is the genus&species name of a giraffe?

The giraffe belongs to the family Giraffidae. Within the family, there are two genera for giraffes, Giraffa and Okapia. The Giraffa camelopardalis is a savanna-dwelling giraffe, while the Okapia ... Read More »

What is the genus&species name for earthworms?

Common earthworms belong to the genus known as Lumbricus, and the scientific name for an earthworm is "Lumbricus Terrestris." "Lumbricus" is the Latin for "worm," while "terrestris" means "of the e... Read More »

Japanese Maple Genus & Species?

Native to Asia, Japanese maples have brought their graceful shapes and bold color to Western gardens for nearly 200 years. The Arbor Day Foundation's history of the species credits Swedish botanist... Read More »

To what phylum do parameciums belong?

Parameciums belong to the phylum Ciliphora in the kingdom Protista. They are single-celled eukaryotes found in freshwater environments, especially scum floating on the surface of ponds. They have t... Read More »