What kingdom do plants belong to?

Answer the plant kingdom

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What kingdom do manatees belong to?

Five kingdoms of life are used to divide living organisms; the moneran, protist, plant, fungus and animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is scientifically known as kingdom "anamalia." Manatees belong ... Read More »

What kingdom does a tapeworm belong to?

Tapeworms belong to the kingdom animalia, or the animal kingdom, according to Stanford University. Members of the animal kingdom display characteristics such as sexual reproduction, the ability to ... Read More »

What kingdom does the sea urchin belong to?

There are about 700 species of sea urchins. All species are classified in the kingdom Anamalia (animals), although sea urchins appear to look like spiny plants or colorful rocks. Sea urchins can mo... Read More »

What kingdom does the Triton plant belong in?

The Dionae muscipula, also known as a "Triton" or "Venus Flytrap" is a plant that is found in the southeastern United States. The Triton fulls under the scientific classification kingdom of Plantae... Read More »