What kinds of things do you put on your Pancakes/tortillas/Crepes?

Answer This is the best I can get:Pancake toppingsNutella and Mashed BananaApple and Cinnamon CompoteGreek Style Yoghurt and BerriesWalnuts, Lemon Zest, Raisins and Rum topped with Chocolate SauceCream ch... Read More »

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When its time to sleep, what kinds of things do you keep next to your bed?

I keep my phone, pain killers like ibuprofen, rolaids, and a glass of water.

What kinds of things should I serve at a brunch?

fresh fruit & cheeses....I like to make a spinach, cheese & ham quiche. I also have made a hash brown casserole that works for a brunch. Also have a lunch dish like hot italian sausage in a red sau... Read More »

What kinds of things can i do to prevent a heart attack?

Check for high blood pressure, eat high fiber foods such as grains & vegetables and cut down on fatty foods. Take fish oil daily. Drink plenty of water. Exercise regularly - and even a half hour of... Read More »

What kinds of things does food stamps cover ?

You can buy most food and seeds that will grow into food, but you can't buy"hot" foods( like fast food, or food made and served hot in stores) you can buy cold subs and cold fried chicken. Some sto... Read More »