What kinds of pumpkins are used for pumpkin pie?

Answer Any type of pumpkin is acceptable for pie use, it will depend on the region. For instance, people in a region that grows giant pumpkins will use giant pumpkins for pumpkin pie.well having grown and... Read More »

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Type of Pumpkins for a Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie is a staple on most tables at Thanksgiving and lots of people enjoy the baked treat all through the fall and winter. In modern times, most people use canned, prepared pumpkin that is pu... Read More »

Are pumpkin seeds part of pumpkins?

All pumpkins derive from pumpkin seeds. A fully-formed pumpkin may carry hundreds of seeds, depending on its size and variety. Growers extract pumpkin seeds from ripe fruit to consume or plant.Refe... Read More »

Can I grow pumpkins from seeds found in a pumpkin from the supermarket?

Sure! I've done it more than once.When the fall season is over I take my pumpkin and set it wherever I want the vine to be in the springtime. Provided that the squirrels and birds don't eat all th... Read More »

Can uncut pumpkins grow other pumpkins inside them?