Ladies what kinds of makeup do you like to see on guys?

Answer usually none, but if you like that sort of thing then just eyeliner or night time real dramatic club scene with black eyeshadow

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What kinds of music do you really not like at all? you REALLY care what your gfs/wives eyebrows look like?

As long as she doesn't have Andy Rooney caterpillars up there - or as said, a giant uni-brow.But I might even forgive that if the head/sex is awesome.

Do any girls really like long hair on guys?

No waaay, not past the shoulder. Maybe a little past the ears, but it all depends (:

Do girls really like it when guys tell them the size of there junk?

No, I personally think it's a superficial and tacky way to try to impress a girl. However, if the girl asks about it...go right ahead and tell them!