What kinds of food do Hawaiians eat?

Answer The diversity of Hawaii's population is reflected in the diversity of its food. Native Polynesian dishes share the table with those of more recent arrivals, combining to produce a cuisine that's tr... Read More »

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What kinds of dog food is bad for dogs?

Dogs have certain nutritional requirements. Foods are formulated to meet these basic nutritional requirements. Additives, preservatives and additional ingredients alter the nutritional value of dog... Read More »

What kinds of food cuisine do you eat in korea?

I don't think I have eaten any Korean dishes except a little Kimchi.Dune

What kinds of desserts go well with Indian food ?

Anything with an overabundance of dairy or cheese! It helps stop you up, in case you get the "squirts".Which you will, of course. Its Indian food!

Kinds of Food for Good Glowing Skin?

Everyone wants clear, glowing skin. Though creams and other treatments can be helpful, much of it boils down to healthy living, such as exercising and eating the right foods. Of course, there is no... Read More »