What kinds of eye exercises can improve your eyesight?

Answer Try the Bates method. It teaches you the correct vision habits used by people with perfect sight. To be used 24/7/365. It works much better than eye strengthening exercises that require something l... Read More »

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What are some eye exercises I could do to improve eyesight?

Eyesight is a very confounded field. Most eyedoctors will tell you that "eye exercises" don't work. They are partially correct but deceptive. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye drills) in general don't... Read More »

Can i improve my eyesight through exercises?

For most people no. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and neither do potions. Blurry vision is a learned behavior which can and mus... Read More »

How to Improve Your Eyesight?

Improving your eyesight takes dedication. There are certain exercises to achieve this goal.

Is it possible to improve your eyesight?

yes it is. My son reversed his from 20-200 to 20-40 one eye and 20-60 the other and stayed glasses free for the next 20 years by doing the eye exercises of a eye doctor I sought out trained in visi... Read More »