What kinds of dog food is bad for dogs?

Answer Dogs have certain nutritional requirements. Foods are formulated to meet these basic nutritional requirements. Additives, preservatives and additional ingredients alter the nutritional value of dog... Read More »

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The Kinds of Food That Mini Schnauzer Dogs Eat?

Mini schnauzers are a small dog breed that can work well in most homes, whether it is a house that is full of people, or a single person's abode. With their furry snouts and short bodies, these can... Read More »

Information on Different Kinds of Dachshund Dogs?

Interested in adding a dachshund to your family? Standard dachshunds of each type range in size from 15 to 20 pounds in adulthood, and miniature dachshunds tend to top out at 11 pounds. Originating... Read More »

List of Different Kinds of Small Dogs?

Cuddly, cute and affectionate, a small dog will bring much love and joy into your life. According to the American Kennel Club, regardless of the breed, a small dog is one that weighs less than 22 p... Read More »

What Kinds of Enzymes Are Okay to Feed to Dogs?

Dog lovers and owners everywhere must become acquainted with the workings of their pets' stomach to ensure that man's best friend remains at its best. There are dozens of different enzymes, which b... Read More »