What kinds of costs or fees can I expect when I refinance my home?

Answer When a borrower refinances his mortgage, he is required to pay closing costs, or fees, to complete the transaction. The fees vary based upon the mortgage type and the loan amount.SignificanceAccord... Read More »

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In relation to collecting condo fees what are actual attorney fees and costs?

Since every set of circumstances is different, there is no exact answer to your question. Here are some of the variables to consider: The attorney's hourly feesThe filing fees for filing the lienT... Read More »

What to Expect From Refinance Appraisals?

All refinances require an appraisal, which is a neutral, third-party opinion of value prepared by a licensed real estate appraiser. An appraisal is a written report that examines a subject property... Read More »

What closing costs should one expect if paying cash in full for a house?

AnswerClosing costs have become such a debated issue but in essence closing costs are really the same no matter what. It is unfortunate though that many people in the industry abuse it and sometime... Read More »

Refinance Fees Explained?

Refinancing a home loan is one way for borrowers to save money on their mortgage. There are numerous benefits to a home refinance such as a lower interest rate or better terms on the mortgage. But ... Read More »