What kinds of cocktails/mixed drinks can I make with Plum Wine?

Answer 2 oz plum wine1 oz Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey5 oz 7-Up® sodaPour all ingredients into a glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of lemon or lime, and serve.- - - - - - - - - - - -... Read More »

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What kinds of drinks do you make with whipped cream vodka?

you can make a cape coder just ad cranberry juice.

For those who have heartburn quite often, or acid reflux, what kinds of foods and drinks will aggravate you?

Pizza is my favorite food and also my worse enemy, but all the ones that others have mention set's mine off, but pizza usually send me to the ER for a cock tail to get it stopped. . Bless you swe... Read More »

Hot Wine Drinks?

Hot wine makes for an ideal warming drink during winter, and for this reason it has become a traditional Christmas drink. Its recipes have developed to incorporate spices and flavors synonymous wit... Read More »

Rice Wine Drinks?

Although it is one of the key ingredients in Chinese and Oriental cuisine, rice wine is also enjoyed as a drink throughout Asia. The alcoholic beverage is not a true wine in the Western sense, as i... Read More »