What kinds of cars do people drive in Germany?

Answer Germany is known for its autobahn, fast drivers and the many cars it exports. While Germany does import cars and people do buy imported cars, Germans tend to stay faithful to their own brands when ... Read More »

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Why do most people prefer to drive stick shift cars rather than automatic cars Are stick shifts better?

I thought most people prefer automatics. But sticks are more fun and keep you busy.

Why do people drive cars an toot at people?

What game show had people drive argo cars into water and then they floated?

A kindergartener will write with crayons, markers, fat pencils, and finger paint.

Do people who drive big or powerful cars have no brains?

Impatience, and they know you are trying to irritate them when you slow down even further so try to irritate you back. As well as these cars being big and powerful they also have a much better bra... Read More »