What kind of worm or parasite will make my dog itch?

Answer Dogs are popular, loyal pets. As animals that have close contact with the ground and other dogs, though, they can pick up mites and parasites that lead to skin conditions.MitesThe most common reaso... Read More »

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When I feel something squiggly in my butt is that a worm or just an itch?

I would suggest you try some of the answers on this page and see how they work. If not, I suggest you see a doctor.

How do I get rid of W32/Gaobot.worm.gen.u - Win32/RBot.3eu!Worm ?

just gostart > run > then in the open box Type in and enter the followingmrtit will start the windows malicious software removal tooldo a full scanAndI suggest you run a scan with malwarebytes .you... Read More »

Could having HIV make you itch a lot?

Not in itself,however some types of anti-retroviral medications have been know to cause severe rash's due to allergic reaction. If this takes place,treatment will be altered.

Will a sunburn make you itch?

Try some Aloe and Lidocaine. The Lidocaine will numb the itchy feeling and the Aloe will help the healing process.