What kind of work does a computer programmer do?

Answer According to State, "Computer programmers write the step-by-step instructions that direct computers to process information." Programmers work in a variety of settings such as industr... Read More »

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How much money does a computer programmer make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a computer programmer was about $65,000 in 2006. The high earners made more than $106,000 per year, while the lower e... Read More »

Does a computer programmer have to take computers apart?

No. Just as a car mechanic does not manufacture cars - just fix them. A computer programmer just makes programs to run on computers and fixes general problems. A computer technician repairs and upg... Read More »

What computer should a computer programmer buy?

I develop on a Windows 64-Bit machine with 8GB of RAM and a 2 TB HD. This makes running test environments in parallels much easier. An I7 processor or at least a quad-core processor running at leas... Read More »

What is the job description of a computer programmer?

There are many problems computers can solve faster and more efficiently than people. However, computers are useless without someone telling them what to do. Computer programmers write detailed inst... Read More »