What kind of wood was used on real pirate chests?

Answer Most authentic pirate chests were made of wood. The most common wood used was oak. In addition, chests had metal strapping, hinges and locks. The metal was usually brass or sometimes iron.Source:Th... Read More »

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What kind of wood is used to make wood bats?

Wooden bats have been typically made of strong, durable northern white ash grown in New York or Pennsylvania. Wood-drying technology now enables light-weight, sturdy bats to be made of rock or suga... Read More »

What kind of wood can be used for bed slats?

When it comes to bed slats, almost any species of wood will do. Pine is a popular choice because it is inexpensive. But pine is also a softer wood, and some people may prefer harder wood slats made... Read More »

What kind of wood is used to make toothpicks?

According to, most toothpicks are made of birch. The birch logs are steamed and peeled into thin sheets. Flat toothpicks are stamped out of the sheets, while round toothp... Read More »

What kind of energy is used in burning wood?

Burning wood converts its matter into a type of kinetic energy called thermal energy. As wood is heated, the molecules of which it consists increase in random movement, which raises the overall lev... Read More »