What kind of wood burns the hottest: soft or hard?

Answer Hard woods like red oak, white oak, beech and maple burn hotter than soft woods like ponderosa pine, yellow poplar and spruce. For the best burning and lowest emission of smoke, firewood must be pr... Read More »

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Is spruce a hard or soft wood?

Spruce is a member of the pine (Pinaceae) family. Like all conifer or evergreen trees, it is a softwood species, according to the University of Tennessee's Agricultural Extension Service. Spruce's ... Read More »

Is magnolia tree wood hard or soft?

Magnolia is a hardwood to semi-hardwood tree, depending on the area of the tree from which you take a cutting. Hardwood trees tend to loose their leaves in the fall, and have wood that is more dens... Read More »

Do alder trees have hard or soft wood?

A soft hardwood is the way in which alder trees (Alnus spp) tend to be described. Specifically, it is a member of the birch family (Betulaceae). It therefore is considered a hardwood. But its wood... Read More »

What wood burns the quickest?

White cedar is the quickest-burning wood available as a firewood. Woods with low density burn the fastest and cedar is the one of the least dense woods available for this application.Source:Sweep's... Read More »