What kind of wolves live in the tundra?

Answer The grey wolf is the species of wolf that exists on the Arctic tundra. A subspecies of this wolf called the Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) is the type that lives in this region in Canada and Alas... Read More »

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Wolves That Live in Temperate Grasslands?

The temperate grasslands are a biome that includes the prairies of North America, the steppes of Russia and Mongolia and the South American pampas. Among many other animals species, wolves also liv... Read More »

What States & Continents Do Wolves Live In?

Almost every continent of the world has a native species of wolf. They are prevalent in northern latitudes and once dominated Canada, the northern U.S., Russia, Finland, Greenland, the arctic and S... Read More »

What Kind of Flowers Are in the Tundra Biome?

The tundra biome, characterized by bitterly cold temperatures, dry winds and negligible rainfall, is located in the arctic and on tops of high mountains. Despite the harsh climate, the tundra bloom... Read More »

Do bison live in the tundra?

The American bison once ranged across most of North America but never lived as far north as the tundra. The bison, the largest of the land mammals on the continent, lives on prairies, plains, woodl... Read More »