What kind of wine goes with Cap'n Crunch?

Answer nahhh just smoke a bong full of fruit loops...RIP George Carlin

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When did captain crunch's crunch berries cereal come out?

Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries made their debut in 1967, four years after the introduction of original Cap'n Crunch. Quaker Oats' official definition of "crunch berries" is purple, green, teal and r... Read More »

SHIRAZ is a city in Iran, and also a name of a kind of wine. I think this wine was first created in Shiraz ?

Wine was pressed in Shiraz over a thousand years before wine grapes were brought to Australia...I vote for Shiraz, Iran as where the varietal came from...

What kind of red wine is dry?

A wine is deemed dry based on its sugar content. The drier the wine, the less sugar that it contains. The sweetness level of wine is determined by many factors that relate to the grape, fermentatio... Read More »

What kind of red wine goes with spaghetti?

On One Hand: Italian Pairs WellRed wines with a moderate level of acid are good choices for spaghetti dinners. These wines should also have a complex and full-bodied taste. Italian wines such as s... Read More »