What kind of wine goes best with strawberry pop-tarts?

Answer Hey now. Home-made wine. Just be careful of any toenails, etc...…(((Beatle))) hello sweetie!(((Sugaree))) hi hon :)

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What wine goes with Pop Tarts ?

I like a smooth port wine with the strawberry Pop Tarts and a nice white Zinfandel with the raspberry. Any sweet wine goes well with the other flavors. I especially like these combos at breakfast w... Read More »

What kind of red wine goes with spaghetti?

On One Hand: Italian Pairs WellRed wines with a moderate level of acid are good choices for spaghetti dinners. These wines should also have a complex and full-bodied taste. Italian wines such as s... Read More »

What kind of wine goes with Cap'n Crunch?

nahhh just smoke a bong full of fruit loops...RIP George Carlin

What kind of wine goes good with turkey?

On One Hand: White WineWhite wine is a popular choice to pair with turkey. White wine has virtually no tannins, which makes it a great match for lean turkey meat. It also has a lighter taste and ... Read More »