What kind of water should I use in Rowenta irons?

Answer Use regular tap water with Rowenta irons. If your water exceeds 12 grains of hardness, use half tap water and half distilled water, or bottled spring water.Source:Rowenta USA

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Who makes Rowenta irons?

Rowenta irons are manufactured by the company Rowenta USA. Rowenta offers a variety of steam irons, steam brush and compact irons, sewing and crafting irons, steam generators, vertical streamers an... Read More »

Where are Rowenta irons made in the USA?

Rowenta is a popular brand of iron. Its parent company---Group SEB---has manufacturing operations in Germany, France, Mexico and the United States. The U.S. plant is located in Millville, N.J.Sourc... Read More »

Who makes Rowenta irons in Tulsa?

Rowenta brand irons sold in the United States are manufactured in China--not Tulsa, Okla. The steam irons, travel irons, pressure irons and garment steamers that comprise the Rowenta brand are made... Read More »

What kind of oil should you use in water sump pumps?

Sump pumps with an oil filled motor cool better than those with motors filled with air and they are most commonly filled with turbine oil--ISO 68 or ISO 100 for best productivity and longevity.Sour... Read More »