What kind of water do sea monkeys live in?

Answer "Sea-Monkeys" is a proprietary name for brine shrimp that are sold as pets. As the name suggests, brine shrimp live in very salty water. Sea-Monkey kits come with ingredients that you add to tap wa... Read More »

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What kind of fish live in salt water?

Salt water makes up 97 percent of the water on earth, and thousands of fish species live in this salty environment. One way to think about saltwater fish is by the type of environment they live in.... Read More »

Do monkeys live in Africa?

Monkeys can be found in Africa and Asia, as well as in South and Central America. Monkeys that live in the Americas are referred to as "New World monkeys," while those that live in Africa and Asia ... Read More »

Why Do Monkeys Live in the Rainforest?

There are more than 100 primate species living in the rainforests of the world, and many of these are monkeys. These animals are very much at home in the trees, which makes the rainforest an ideal ... Read More »

Where do the majority of monkeys live?

Most of the world's monkeys live in rainforests, although some species may be found in mountain regions or savannas. Old World monkeys live in Africa, parts of Asia, Japan and India, while New Worl... Read More »