What kind of walls should you put around bathroom tubs?

Answer On One Hand: New Home BuildingIn the interest of saving money, recommends the use of fiberglass or acrylic surrounds for bathtub wall surrounds. Martin Moss, a general contractor wi... Read More »

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How do i reglaze bathroom tubs?

CleanClean the surface of the bath tub with an industrial cleaner. Continue to clean until all stains and residue are removed.PrimeApply a waterproof epoxy primer. Use a primer that does not requir... Read More »

How do I clean bathroom toilets, sinks& tubs?

Cleaning ToiletsPour 3 cups of vinegar into your toilet bowl, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Scrub your toilet bowl with a toilet bowl brush, and flush to rinse away the vinegar and lifted residue.... Read More »

How can you renew your bathroom walls?

How to Redo Bathroom Walls?

Bathroom walls are subjected to steam from the shower every day, which can cause damage. If you remove and relocate hardware such as a towel rack, there will be holes left that need to be patched a... Read More »