What kind of walls should you put around bathroom tubs?

Answer On One Hand: New Home BuildingIn the interest of saving money, recommends the use of fiberglass or acrylic surrounds for bathtub wall surrounds. Martin Moss, a general contractor wi... Read More »

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What colour should I paint my bathroom walls?

you should paint 3 walls greenand one wall pink (if so a pink and green wallpaper design) (prefrebly the wall with the most space wallpaper)or paint them green with pink stripes

What kind of paint should be used in a bathroom?

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you will doubtless be repainting as well. If properly done, painting your bathroom can be an easy task that does not require frequent repeats. Finding the right... Read More »

What KIND of paint should I get for the ceilings and walls (ex: semi-gloss, satin, etc...)?

Interesting question. The biggest problem you run into with paint-the higher the gloss, the more it shows imperfections in the wall. This includes screw or nail marks, taping joints, etc. If you... Read More »

I am having the wallpaper removed and walls painted in a 260 sq ft bathroom how much should i get chared?

$400.00Now you have finally asked us the correct question, over the last 3 times.