What kind of vitamins should be taken daily?

Answer More and more people are growing concerned about their nutritional health and many turn to vitamin supplements as a form of nutritional "insurance." But there is some confusion and uncertainty over... Read More »

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What is the recommended daily intake of vitamins?

While no set standard of vitamins that an average adult should take exists, recommendations do exist regarding the generally accepted daily values an average adult should strive to consume. Each v... Read More »

Other than standard daily vitamins, what would you consider the most important supplements to take?

It is true.It's only Americans who believe in supplements.A proper healthy diet means eating everything you need.A vegetarian diet, based on fresh fruit, with plenty of green-leaved vegetables, som... Read More »

Can anyone provide a diet plan that provides even minimal daily RDA of vitamins and minerals?

"Soil is the primary factor in nutrition because all of our food comes from the earth. Our bodies are composed literally of Mother Earth. Minerals in our bodies are directly connected to the state ... Read More »

What kind of vitamins should women take?

Women have unique nutritional requirements, especially during various life stages. Hormones require micronutrients to be produced in the right supply, hence proper nutrients are very important to w... Read More »