What kind of vitamins are good for hair?

Answer To promote healthy hair and combat hair disorders, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends a diet rich in B vitamins. It also suggests taking vitamin supplements, including a multivita... Read More »

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What kind of prenatal vitamins are good for hair growth?

On One Hand: No EvidenceWhile many women have recently started taking prenatal vitamins to encourage hair growth, there is no evidence to support the premise that prenatal vitamins help hair grow. ... Read More »

What kind of vitamins grow hair?

Are you anxious for your hair to "grow out" of an unflattering hairstyle? Do you want to speed up the overall process of your hair growth or maintain an already thick head of hair? If so, you can g... Read More »

What Vitamins Are Good for Nails & Hair?

A healthy diet and vitamin supplements are important for your overall health, well-being and immune system. A well-balanced diet and proper vitamin intake can help stimulate healthy nail and hair g... Read More »

What Vitamins Are Good to Take for Hair Loss?

Dealing with hair loss, particularly at a premature stage, can be devastating for men and women alike. Even with the advent of hair regeneration products, many people still suffer from cyclical los... Read More »