What kind of vitamins should be taken daily?

Answer More and more people are growing concerned about their nutritional health and many turn to vitamin supplements as a form of nutritional "insurance." But there is some confusion and uncertainty over... Read More »

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What kind of vitamins should women take?

Women have unique nutritional requirements, especially during various life stages. Hormones require micronutrients to be produced in the right supply, hence proper nutrients are very important to w... Read More »

What kind of vitamins grow hair?

Are you anxious for your hair to "grow out" of an unflattering hairstyle? Do you want to speed up the overall process of your hair growth or maintain an already thick head of hair? If so, you can g... Read More »

What kind of vitamins are good for hair?

To promote healthy hair and combat hair disorders, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends a diet rich in B vitamins. It also suggests taking vitamin supplements, including a multivita... Read More »

What kind of vitamins should be taken to avoid yeast infections?

A yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, occurs when fungi overcome the immune system. Vitamins and other supportive therapies can prevent or fight off the infection.Yeast InfectionsYeast infe... Read More »