What kind of vinegar do you use to make buttermilk?

Answer Buttermilk is typically made with white vinegar. Besides vinegar, buttermilk can also be made by combining whole milk with different types of acidic ingredients, such as cream of tartar or lemon ju... Read More »

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Can you substitute milk&vinegar for buttermilk?

According to "Joy of Cooking," you can substitute milk and vinegar for buttermilk. The milk should be at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and "soured" using 1 tbsp. of vinegar per cup of milk. However, you sh... Read More »

Can you make buttermilk from milk?

Buttermilk is, strictly speaking, the liquid left over when you churn butter into cream. Some commercially available buttermilk, however, is just regular milk with bacterial cultures added to incre... Read More »

How to Make Buttermilk Scones?

Using buttermilk instead of cream in this recipe give the scones a richness without some of the fat. They are buttery and the cherries go well with the tang of buttermilk. You may need a little les... Read More »

How to Make Buttermilk Pie Crust?

The richness and goodness of pie crusts holds everything together and gives that "cookie" feeling in any dessert recipe. This buttermilk pie crust is very flaky and matches well with apple and pot ... Read More »