What kind of video card should i buy?

Answer It all depends on your motherboard, AGP or pcie, you need to answer this question before anybody can give you a good answer:)) and then of course it depends on your budget

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What kind of video card for the Compaq S4010CL: PCI or AGP?

The motherboard for the Compaq Presario S4010CL desktop computer only has conventional PCI slots; there are no AGP or PCI Express slots. You will need to install a conventional PCI card to upgrade ... Read More »

What kind of video card do i need for dvd playback?

While DVD (MPEG-2) decoding is built into some DVD player programs, a video card that has MPEG-2 decoding built into the hardware will give you the best quality DVD video playback. As of 2006, all ... Read More »

What kind of video card does a dell dimension 8200 take?

The Dell Dimension 8200 computer is compatible with an AGP video card. There are three versions of AGP sockets and they supply different voltages to the card. Installing a new video card will lead ... Read More »

What kind of video camera should I get?

There are no camcorders under 175$. The Flip is, but it's a piece of crap. Anything under 300$ is a piece of crap.Mini DVDs will be around for at least another decade. SD cards are expensive but do... Read More »