What kind of video camera should I get?

Answer There are no camcorders under 175$. The Flip is, but it's a piece of crap. Anything under 300$ is a piece of crap.Mini DVDs will be around for at least another decade. SD cards are expensive but do... Read More »

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What kind of video camera should I buy?

For Camcorder,i recommend Canon FS100 .Capture video to SDHC cards 48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer Widescreen HR recording 2.7-inch widescreen LCD USB 2.0 compatible for fast file transfer The ... Read More »

What kind of Video Camera for best Quality?

Take a hint from the professionals:……… Read More »

What kind of video camera should I buy to shoot a sporting event?

For sports/fast action, generally something that does not do high compression AVCHD. Like a Sony HDR-FX7. Of course, this assumes your computer has a firewire port. If it does not and you are not w... Read More »

What kind of cord do I need to connect my digital video camera to my laptop?

If your windows based laptop has a firewire port, you would connect your video camera this way - otherwise, you'd need to add a firewire port via a cardbus adapter such as this:http://www.adaptec.c... Read More »