What kind of vegetation does Portugal have?

Answer nothing

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What kind of vegetation does Puerto Rico have?

Puerto Rico is a lush, tropical island in the Caribbean. The island is mountainous and home to numerous types of jungles and forests.TypesDepending on the region, Puerto Rico offers mangrove forest... Read More »

What kind of landforms does Portugal have?

Portugal is located in the southwest of Europe. The southern and western borders of the country consist of beaches. The southern portion of the country is primarily plains while north of the Tagus ... Read More »

What side of a mountain would have the greatest amount of vegetation?

The two sides of a mountain are the windward side, against which prevailing wind blows, and the leeward side. The windward side receives more precipitation, which is driven in by the wind, and has ... Read More »

Does anyone have suggestions on how to find your missing sister adopted from Terceira Island Portugal. Her name at birth was Maria de Fatima Gaspar?

Lucky for you people in terceira are very nosey!! and very friendly. Do you know what village your sister was born in or where your mom was from? ask the neighbors in that area. Of just say the las... Read More »