What kind of vegetation does Portugal have?

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What kind of vegetation does Puerto Rico have?

Puerto Rico is a lush, tropical island in the Caribbean. The island is mountainous and home to numerous types of jungles and forests.TypesDepending on the region, Puerto Rico offers mangrove forest... Read More »

What kind of landforms does Portugal have?

Portugal is located in the southwest of Europe. The southern and western borders of the country consist of beaches. The southern portion of the country is primarily plains while north of the Tagus ... Read More »

Is Fluoxitne okay for vegetation's?

What country are you in? UK? Ingredients wise there are some companies that even list Vegetarian or Vegan or their websites - Rosemont Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Labs being two. This British Journa... Read More »

The Effects of Gas Leaks on Vegetation?

Gas leaks are always a harmful event in the natural environment. Human beings and animals could die if they breathe in or ingest any gas from a leak. However, the effects of gas leaks on vegetation... Read More »