What kind of van is the Scooby Doo mystery machine?

Answer The Mystery Machine, the famous flowery van in the long-running animated series Scooby Doo, was based on a 1968 Chevrolet Sportvan 108. The Mystery Machine was named the "top fictional vehicle of a... Read More »

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When a book about Amelia Earhart's mystery talks about the oni investigating ae's mystery-is this the real CIA or NCIS?

There was a murder mystery show on E a couple of years ago it was hosted by a man and it was kind of like an E true Hollywood story type of show but darker and more sinister like about older cases?

You might be talking about 'Final 24", which was the final 24 hours of dead celebrities (Chris Farley, Anna Nicole Smith, etc.) It wasn't necessarily about murder exclusively, but I believe there ... Read More »

I need to know what kind of sewing machine I have?

That looks like it might be a clone of the Singer 15, probably the most copied sewing machine ever. In fact, clones of the 15 are still being made today. I happen to own a Singer 15-91, which is ... Read More »

Mystery Google now Mystery Social?

False. It just changed its name (AGAIN). Now it's "Mystery Seeker", which in my opinion is even worse than "Mystery Social"! According to the homepage it says, "Last name change, we promise."Yeah... Read More »