What kind of vadgetables is my babby suppose to eat?

Answer LMAO i just now noticed this was a raid

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How long after have a babby am I suppose to wait before getting pregnant again?

Personally, I can not believe these people. Having children too close together is very bad for your body. You need to give yourself proper time to heal after giving birth. I think you should wai... Read More »

What kind of babby gift can I send my friend (sm2) in Ohio?

Now does the whole (SM# system) work like assigned seating at big family dinners. Like you stay at the bottom or kids table until someone dies or ummmm goes missing? Just checkingBay-bees in Ohio l... Read More »

What will a tattoo on a babby look like later after the babby grows up into adult?

Get him a lizard, it will grow into a big dragon as the babby grows.

After seeing "How is babby formed" do you refer to your baby as a babby?

Yes, I do all the time. I even tell my husband I am sorry for his lots when he complains about something. He gets so confused and I love it!